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MARCH 26TH, 2006!!  The site has been updated!  HOORAY HOORAY HOORAY!



January 21st, 2006- We celebrated Noah's 2nd birthday yesterday and had a great time doing so!  Click here to see  a ton pictures!  Just an fyi, I have created a blog (or on-line journal) so if you're checking for updates often on this page, you'll have more luck checking my blog or Brian's.  I will continue to add LOTS AND LOTS of pictures on this website.  (new 2006 picture link)  Also, please check back soon for some video from Noah's day!

January 1, 2006!-Just a quick update to say Merry Christmas and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  We had a wonderful holiday season filled with spending time with family.  it was wonderful!  We added tons, literally hundreds of pictures to the December gallery!  Have fun!  Don't forget to sign the guestbook!

December 12th, 2005-Sorry for the lack of updates!  We have been so incredibly busy!  Brian and I went to Vegas and had a fantastic time.  I was able to meet my fantastic friends from Friends of Allie, adding to the many blessings in my life.  (how did I get so lucky?)  To view some pictures from our trip, please visit www.fletchertown.com/vegas.  We had a great time eating on Thanksgiving.  Anna and Noah were quite the handfuls, little did we know they were coming down with illnesses.  By the time the following Wednesday came around, we were ALL sick.  We took the kids in and the Doctor was quite certain that Noah had pneumonia and Anna had an ear infection.  That night Brian and I also got the stomach flu.  When it rains it pours!  Hopefully it's all out of our system for this year!  The kids are doing so much better now.  They are enjoying all of the aspects of Christmas!  I put up decorations during their naps, so when they wake up they are so excited to see the new decor!  They're both very fond of the Christmas tree.  The first couple of mornings after Anna woke up she asked for presents under the tree.  Anna has taken part in the Christmas program at our church two weekends in a row.  The first week we have pictures, the second week we have video.  You can find the pictures by clicking on December. (I also added some pictures on the November page.)

Things are finally slowing down as far as Pampered Chef is concerned.  I'm still really close to earning the 4 days cruise, I'm certain at this point that it will happen, I have until 12/31.  I leave for Atlanta on January 4 and won't be back until January 7th for a PC conference.  3 full nights away from the kids and Brian.  That's the longest ever.  I can hardly stand the thought.  :-(

Friends of Allie ended the year raising over $260,000!  What an accomplishment!  Thank you to everyone who contributed.  We are so excited for 2006---of course, we are also excited for this much needed break! 

I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to update!  Anna now runs from the camera, so I'm not taking as many pictures anymore, but I'll try to pin her down and take some!  Noah is doing a great job talking!  It makes me so proud!  Tonight he burped and said "excuse me."  Alright, time for bed!  I leave you with a quick video of Anna showing off her musical talents.


November 12th, 2005-Just a quick update with some new pictures for November.  Anna and Noah attended a birthday party last weekend, there are pictures available!  They had so much fun.  I was quite emotional, they appeared so old to me with their Grimace hats on, eating cheeseburgers at a party.  They were wonderful.  We also ran into Noah's "room mate" from when he was in the NICU.  Her name is Brooklyn, she was born the same day as Noah and was transferred to the NICU after she was born.  Her Mom and I spoke multiple times while the kids were getting better.  I've attached a picture at the end of this update of them.  She's so pretty! 

We are making last minute preparations for our trip to Vegas.  We are so excited.  It's amazing how draining it is just preparing for a trip!  We leave early Monday morning. 

Enjoy the November pictures!

November 3rd, 2005- I got yelled at today.  Amber, my beautiful, loving 17 year old niece told me I don't update my website enough.  So this entry is dedicated to Amber!  Thank you, Amber!  Again, not too much going on.  Brian is taking another class for his MBA with the University of Phoenix, he's taking a Marketing class.  He likes it.  I just asked him if he liked it and he said "yeah.................it's alright."  He really has a way with words. J  I've been busy with Pampered Chef.  I am just about $7500 away from earning a 4 day cruise that starts in Key West and ends in Cozumel.    I'm too close for comfort.   The kids are getting over colds.  They LOVED Halloween.  It was so much fun.  Noah was Woody from Toy Story and Anna was a princess.  They went trick or treating, in the rain!  We would approach the door and Anna would start yelling "trick or treat!!!!!!!" at the top of her lungs about 5 times.  It was hilarious.  They really haven't had too much candy in their lifetime, so they split a half of a kit kat and they ran around like monkeys for 30 minutes after that.  It was so funny.  It was at that moment that I said "let's take them trick or treating!"  We were not planning on it.  Amber and her beau passed out treats while we were gone.  Have I mentioned that Amber is awesome?  We love her a lot. (by the way, if you click on Amber's name, you'll see lots of pictures of Amber, each time I mention Amber's name, there is a different picture of her.)

We are heading to Indianapolis on Sunday for Megan's baptism, we can't wait!  She is such a blessing!

That is all for now!  I will update soon, I hope it's soon enough that I don't get yelled at my Amber! J         I will post lots of pictures under October tomorrow!

October 25th, 2005-  I have added more pictures to the October page of the website, I'm sure you will love them, how could you not?!  The kids are doing really well.  Anna is starting to draw...really draw.  She has drawn a heart, a triangle, a face and a kite.  Not bad for a two year old Both the kids thoroughly enjoy coloring.  Brian and I went to Brown County and had a great time.  I was sick, but it was so much fun, thanks to our company, Sarah and Mike!  Grandma and Grandpa Fletcher babysat the kids while we were gone and, as expected, did such an amazing job.  They kept the kids very busy, taking them to the park and to McDonalds and to visit their Great Grandma on her 92nd birthday.  Our next focus is our trip to Vegas in November.  We are definitely excited to go, that is for sure!  I am so ready to meet these women that I have been working with.  Friends of Allie is such an important cause to all of us, it will be so great to plan 2006, face to face.  Speaking of which, Allie's mom, Jenny, is being induced with their second baby girl tomorrow.  I can't even imagine the emotion they must be feeling. 

Noah has told me he loves me.  He says "I love you."  It is so wonderful. He is such a good boy and a GREAT SINGER!  He really sings everything.  Also, please send me positive potty training vibes for Anna, we had partial success today, but we still have a LONG road ahead of us! 

This past weekend we got to visit with lots of family, Michelle, Leilan and Megan were in town and we celebrated Jared's 10th birthday, all on Sunday.  Not too much going on.  If you're looking for fantastic Christmas cards and greeting cards, please check www.cardsthatmatter.com.  Tracy Feeney, one of my co-leaders that I am meeting in Vegas, orchestrates this fantastic fundraiser for Friends of Allie.  The cards are so beautiful and every penny of profit is donated to our team for 2006.  It was our biggest fundraiser for 2005.  Please take a look!  :-)

I hope everyone is doing well!  I can't wait to post pictures of our Halloween babies!!

October 12, 2005-I hope you enjoy the pictures we've added to the October page.  I think you'll see that Anna is enjoying dressing up!   The kids are doing so well!  They seem to play better with each other most of the time.  Anna's vocabulary and understanding is blowing us away.  Noah's, too, for that matter!  Anna is still thoroughly enjoying Sunday School and Noah is enjoying his Mommy and Daddy alone at church.  He is such a good boy during mass.  He just watches everyone and reads his books and after anyone coughs or clears his throat he blesses them.  Noah got his first bee sting on Sunday.  Neither one of the kids have had a bee sting yet, until this past Sunday.  It happened in Oma's (Grandma Fletcher) car while she was driving with the kids.  We're not sure who we feel worse for, Grandma or Noah.  :-(  He was stung on his lip, it was swollen for the rest of the day, but when he woke up on Monday he was all better.  Brian and I have our annual trip to Brown County with Sarah and Mike this weekend!  To say we are excited is an understatement.  Grandma and Grandpa Fletcher are watching Anna and Noah.  We need this break!!  Brian golfs and I shop, it's a great combination!  I'm sure we'll have some pictures to post!

Not too much has happened lately.  Brian has started working out in the mornings, so he's been sore lately, hopefully that will ease up a little soon.  I leave you with this video Brian took of Anna singing

September 25th, 2005-One of these days I will have time to update more frequently.  I LOVE the visitors that we have visiting our site!  Thank you!  Today was quite a day.  Anna attended her first Sunday School class.  It's a program that is now being offered at our church.  As soon as we heard about it, we jumped on it.  Anna (& Noah, for that matter) have never been in any type of day care/classroom atmosphere, which was a concern.  So I was scared and nervous, but of course, this amazing child did wonderfully.  She's such a good girl.  She's so tall and so smart and can communicate with words and sentences!!!  I wasn't expecting this to happen so soon, I'm caught completely off guard.  She's my baby.  But she's so old.  I'm trying so hard to savor each moment, but it seems each moment flows faster and faster.  Lots of pictures in today's updates are of Anna, our fashion plate.  Noah is also fantastic.  Last Monday he took a three hour nap.  The first ever.  I still regard it as a gift.  A gift that I greatly appreciate, and will never forget!!  Anna is our supreme napper, Noah is working on it!  Here is a video of the kids at breakfast, not much happens, it's just sort of cute!  (warning: it's over 2 minutes long!)

This past week, I participated in this year's Light the Night Walk in Crown Point.  It was fantastic.  I had an amazing team.  I also had so many people donating, making it possible for me to make my goal of $1000.  (THANK YOU!!) We walked in memory of Allie Scott, who past away one year ago.  We also walked in honor of 12 year old Nick Tysen.  Nick is from Demotte, Indiana.  He has Pontine Glioma.  His Aunt and I are friends and I'm honored to be her friend.  Their family is quite remarkable, a true inspiration.  Click here for pictures of my walk.

The day before my walk was one of the MOST exciting days of my life.  I had worked a booth at a local festival ALL DAY for Pampered Chef.  I was so tired when I got home.  I checked the mail and there was a letter from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, which is not uncommon, so I did not immediately open it.  I was on the phone with my brother, Dan, when I opened it (sorry, Dan!!  He got to hear me freaking out!!) and in the envelope was a invitation to attend the National LLS meeting held in LAS VEGAS!!!  Free flight and stay at the Aladdin Hotel.  What most of you don't know is that I also volunteer as a National Team Leader for Friends of Allie.  I am a communications co-leader with a fantastic co-leader, Tracey.  I essentially do the layout and design for our monthly newsletter.  Anyway, they are flying all of the team leaders to Vegas in November.  So not only is it an honor to be invited, BUT I finally get to meet all of these remarkable women I have been working with all year.  We can't wait! 

Alright, this is my longest update ever!  I still have to add pictures, in the September Gallery!  Be sure to check back often!  Thanks for checking in!

Later on September 11, 2005--Check out this video of Noah.  Please note, just one month ago we spoke to Noah's doctor about the fact that Noah was not even saying "hi."  Here he is singing Happy Birthday!  He's talking so well!  (the quality isn't so great, but you'll get the idea and no, it's not anyone's birthday, he just happens to love the song!)

September 11, 2005

We've had such a busy couple of weeks.  We have been fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with Grant and Evan, our nephews from Slidell, Louisiana.  They've been spending the day with me while Grandma and Grandpa are at work.  They get pretty irritated with Anna and Noah because Evan says Anna says "hi" too much.  Oh well!  Click here to watch Evan playing a game at Chuckie Cheese's.  It's so hilarious.  Anna and Noah are as fun as ever.  If you've ever complained about your squeaky wheel on your shopping cart at the grocery store, click here and watch Noah with his shopping cart.  He never complained even once.  Brian went to Wal-Mart to purchase a new shopping cart for them, one that wasn't broken, they use the shopping cart all the time, so we thought it was necessary to buy them a cart right away.  Brian picked out a very fancy "Wal-Mart" cart, well THEY loved it, THEY couldn't get enough of it, THEY fought over it non-stop!  It was necessary to buy another, so we did! 

We also had the honor of hosting Baby Megan's baby shower on Sunday, September 4th.  We had such a good time and love seeing Megan and we love seeing her parents, too!  If you go to September, you'll be able to see a ton of pictures! 

August 28th, 2005

YES, SIR!  That's what Anna says now when you ask her a question.  We think it's from the soldiers on Toy Story, but who knows.  She seems to pick everything up.  Today we went to the family reunion for my Mom's side of the family.  It's always fun.  Anna and Noah used tons of energy playing on an enormous playground and jumping in the "jumper."  Or moonwalk.  Even Noah liked it for a little while.  Noah immediately fell asleep in the car, but would not sleep once we got home, but he was a good boy even with a small nap.  Anna had a great nap.  They had pizza and ice cream for dinner...what a day!  :-)  Here are some pictures from the reunion:

Note: Anna is scared of dogs. This was a big deal!!

He played so hard!!

So tired and snuggly after her nap.


August 21st, 2005

  Hi everyone!  Thank you for visiting our website.  This website was created to keep everyone informed on what is going on with our lives.  It's also a great way to reflect back on the early days of Anna and Noah.  We are having a great time watching Anna and Noah grow!  Anna loves to sing and dance and say "look at me!"  She's an incredibly smart girl who loves attention.  Her hobbies include coloring and memorizing anything she sees on TV.  Anna loves to eat chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins and fruit.  Noah gives the best hugs and kisses and when he dances he stomps his feet so quickly and claps and yells, it's amazing and hilarious!  Noah enjoys hot dogs, cheese and yogurt.   Noah is starting to talk!  YAY!!



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